Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Helloo world!

Sorry its been so long but it has been one of the busiest and fun summers weve had in a long time.

Heres a summer car i picked up for Jodi on trade. Needs a new top and some other work but i think it will be fun fo rher and the kids to drive in the summer.

1985 Mustang 5.0 HO Convertible

I also got a new Pup. Introducing Henry, He is 100% Blue Heeler. Very smart loyal pup he is!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

What a day

Had some friends and family over.. heres a cple picts..

more to come..

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alaska Trip part 1

Jodi and I headed to Nikiski AK for my Nephews wedding. Was a blast to see family and a cple old friends.

Waiting to get more pictures from Jodi.

Here we are on the way to the AP!

Blue is going to get dropped off with my sister, he isnt impressed..

Had a flat on the way and hit a shop to get a full size. Donuts are crap..

Cops and cute feets

Off goes Blue, he is a bit concerned..

Had to hit a bar before the AP of course..

Here's Jodi loving the new view of the cook inlet.

Chester is my Nephews dog.. Happy boy he is..

View from my brothers hill..

The bus we stayed in and got picked up in. Was super cozy accommodations and my brother was gracious enough to let us stay there.

Sweet 2017 rental car.. ya we smoked in it..

Happy guy for some reason!

A rock with rocks in it..

Oysters make me happy too..

Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit..

A freaking smoke machine, in a bar ;)

Legal, Recreational marijuana was cool ;)

Brothers house

this is my niece Denali's little boy Ginger, He was an excellent dog and i loved him dearly. He was sweet like Adam!!